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New McPackaging for McDonalds

McDonald’s Simplifies its packaging for 2016.

With an improved menu and a striking design, the company has been given the ultimate facelift for the new year. Being the first major redesign since 2013, the famous fast-food chain wanted to focus on a consistent brand experience in stores, drive-thrus, kiosks, and it’s new mobile app.

Cups, boxes, and bags are stripped down to their bare minimum with the iconic golden arches as a reminder of what McDonald’s is known for. The font is expanded in size, making the packaging extremely recognisable even from 100 metres away. Although not completely sustainable currently, McDonald’s continues in its efforts to create 100% fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sustainable sources by 2020.

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First new Pantone colours for 2016

Pantone has unveiled a mix of pastel pink and blue shades as its Colour of the Year for 2016.

The pairing of the pink and blue pastels marks the first time Pantone has chosen a blend of colours for its annual prediction, which is unveiled at the end of each year and to foreshadow coming trends.

Rose Quartz, described as “a warmer embracing rose tone” and Serenity, which is a “cooler tranquil blue” were apparently chosen to reflect consumers seeking soothing colours.

Web Design

Claremont Marquees – Website Update

Claremont Marquees Ltd. of Devon was established over ten years ago to meet the growing demand for excellence within the marquee hire industry.

Fourteen years on and Claremont Marquees Ltd. is now firmly positioned as a company with the highest reputation for reliability and attention to detail.

Historically, Claremont’s sites have been designed, functional but lacking in content. The goal of the new site was address the content issue and to create an online experience for the user that reflected the lifestyle they could aspire to – even though it is for just one day.

The site has clean typography throughout with an update use of the Claremont Marquees’ blue and orange corporate colours.

Disciplines used within this project:
• Brand ID
• Web Design


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Packaging Print Design

CD Case for Gaoler’s Daughter

For the release of their fan-funded debut album, Gaoler’s Daughter wanted something special!

The CD comes in a printed card cover with transparent holder over the Gaoler’s Daughter logo.

The inside cover houses a 16 page booklet showing the song lyrics over original artwork by Alex.

Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us make it. You’re gonna love it!

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Featured Internet Web Design Web Development

Forthglade Foods Website

For over 40 years Forthglade have been making nutritionally balanced and delicious pet food for dogs in the heart of the Devon countryside.

Forthglade products are made with natural ingredients that are locally sourced wherever possible, vacuum sealed and gently cooked to retain all that natural goodness.

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Featured Mobile Apps

Ball Park Baseball App Icon

An iPhone app icon with baseball textured leather effect.

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Get Your Money with FreshBooks

We recently started using Freshbooks for quotes, invoicing, expenses and time tracking.

And love it!

It’s one of the easiest websites we’ve ever navigated and that’s because it’s really intuitive.

Initially, we noticed some differences with terminology, but then it’s created by Americans! For example, they use estimate and we use quote. Freshbooks enables the functionality to change the naming convention to whatever suits your business.

Your Time and Tracking It

You’ve got the option to manually log project time or use the pop-up timer to track and record time.  The timer has the typical pause and play buttons, drop down menus to select your project and task, a box to generate the number of hours, and a big green “Log Hours Button”. There’s also a text field to include any project notes.  We use this area to describe the project details, and what was accomplished during the logged hours. If you happen to forget to enter the project details, you can easily regain access under the Freshbooks Time Tracking tab. Then find the date on the calendar and scroll beneath it to locate the project the missing notes project and click the edit link! Easy peasy.

Your Freshbooks Settings

Establishing your Freshbooks settings is easy to do and we can’t emphasise the word easy enough! The layout is organised in a step-by-step process starting with Company, Taxes, Colors & Logo, Template, Permissions, Online Payment, Emails, Misc, but you’re free to select and edit content on any page at any time. Every page prompts you to populate fields with explanations in case you don’t really catch the Freshbooks drift. For example, you’re in the Company tab and you’ve been asked to populate a field marked “Profession”. There’s a handy link titled, What’s this used for? that redirects you to a information/help page.

Branded FreshBooks Login Screen

Plus each required field is marked with a large red asterisks and it’s totally not possible to walk away without saving, because there’s a large green save button at the bottom of the page taunting you.

Before you leave the settings area, don’t forget to hit up the Taxes tab and include any tax info.  But be sure to have your Tax number/ID info handy, since you’ll be required to enter this as well.

The seriously fun part was uploading our logo and adjusting the menu colour scheme to compliment our brand. It was easy enough to do since we’ve been making use of a white and black colour palette. But there’s still more customisation available for your company within the Email tab. You’ll have the option to send unbranded emails for estimates and invoices and a custom subject line.

Once you’ve got all that stuff completed, you can dig into the permissions for the Freshbooks Administrator and staff. If you’re an independent freelancer, you will simply edit the Administrator category, but if you’re like us at GrupoConway with more than one Freshbooks login, you’ll make  a few adjustments in the staff category too.

Then there’s the Online Payments tab that can be customized with your PayPal or gateways. Although, if you are handling funds in any denomination other than USD you’ll be charged a handling fee with PayPal, so make sure to read the fine print and research all of your options. Regardless, we love the idea of the online payment gateway because our clients can pay us instantly.

Tracking Expenses

The heart of Freshbooks is in the ability to track expenses. They really cared about offering the whole package when they incorporated this feature. There’s also an iPhone App for this! We downloaded it a few days ago and think it’s amazingly easy to use. The simplicity of the App may actually be better than Freshbooks! We like the availability the mobile app offers to track expenses since it’s a pretty easy way of getting things done on the go. Say, when you’re waiting in a coffee break line. It’s a supportive tool to help us busy professionals multi-task.

Estimates & Invoicing

The brilliance of Freshbooks is the ability to send out estimates and invoices. It truly confirms the beginning and end of your client projects. It also takes a load off by having to populate your pretty template and keep it filed accordingly. Plus, if you want, you can let Freshbooks manage the billing aspect too with recurring billing on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. There’s also other options for longer intervals.

FreshBooks Estimates

If the recurring billing isn’t for you just yet, you can create your own invoice, add a flat fee or hourly rate, offer a discount, and include taxes. You have the option to enter in billable services and products under tasks or items. Just so we’re all clear, tasks are things you charge for on an hourly basis and items are specific items with a flat rate for services rendered. For example, you’ve purchased stock images or photos on behalf of a client, you’d enter this billable item under items. Same for something like travel time, which you might charge a flat rate of £30.00 instead of your normal flat rate of £95.00. The invoice also include payment options for your client. They can login to Freshbooks and send a payment notification stating the amount paid (hopefully it’s the full amount). You can also send  invoices via email, that are unbranded without a Freshbook logo and with a customised subject line.


We know switching from something familiar can be tedious to do, especially when work lurks in the background, but we think it’s worth considering the free monthly trial. We were really excited to dive into Freshbooks!

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Posters & Flyers

Gaoler’s Daughter – Gig Flyer

Promo for Gaoler’s Daughter.

A quick flyer to promote the release of their latest single ‘St. Peter’ and advertise future gigs.

Featured Interactive Internet Web design Web Design

Gaoler’s Daughter – Band site

Official Site for Gaoler’s Daughter.

Born out of the ashes of several London-based bands, each member brings something fresh to the table.

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Sitting Kills – Infographic

We sit all the time – and it’s killing us!

Though our shift towards computer-based work has done great things for productivity, it has, unfortunately, done terrible things for our health.

From increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long term, to sharply hampered cholesterol maintenance in the short term, the negative health effects of sitting are starting to weigh heavily against the benefits.