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New McPackaging for McDonalds

McDonald’s Simplifies its packaging for 2016.

With an improved menu and a striking design, the company has been given the ultimate facelift for the new year. Being the first major redesign since 2013, the famous fast-food chain wanted to focus on a consistent brand experience in stores, drive-thrus, kiosks, and it’s new mobile app.

Cups, boxes, and bags are stripped down to their bare minimum with the iconic golden arches as a reminder of what McDonald’s is known for. The font is expanded in size, making the packaging extremely recognisable even from 100 metres away. Although not completely sustainable currently, McDonald’s continues in its efforts to create 100% fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sustainable sources by 2020.

Packaging Print Design

CD Case for Gaoler’s Daughter

For the release of their fan-funded debut album, Gaoler’s Daughter wanted something special!

The CD comes in a printed card cover with transparent holder over the Gaoler’s Daughter logo.

The inside cover houses a 16 page booklet showing the song lyrics over original artwork by Alex.

Thanks to everyone who donated and helped us make it. You’re gonna love it!

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Cool Design Packaging

ECOke Friendly Bottle

The Coca-Cola company launches new bottle partly derived from plants.

The company plans to test its new plastic bottle, that is partly made from sugar cane and molasses, initially in North America.

I say “good for them”, after years of rotting teeth and trying to sell London tap water as ‘designer water’, Coke is actively doing their bit for the world.

Design wise, I’m not sure. I remember how long it took to get used to a can without a removable ring-pull!