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As a web design and development service provider, it is important to us that any online presence our clients pay us to create is found by their target audience. After all, our clients pay us good money for the site to look nice, it would be a shame if nobody saw it!

But is almost impossible for a website to succeed without a high level of visibility in search engines. For example, if you have a holiday rental business website which you want to be on the first page of Google for the search term “holiday rental property”, simply having a well designed web site will not make this happen. The site needs to be search engine optimised, keyword density checked, and promoted from links. All of this takes time and needs constant tweaking for best results.

The purpose of a website is to be found!

This is why we utilise the features and functionality of Advanced Web Ranking tool and range of seo software products. The Advanced Web Ranking tool has reduced the number of hours exponentially we spend researching and reporting rankings to our clients.

One of the first things our SEO experts do in the morning, after grabbing a strong café con leche, is check the rankings of our customers’ websites in the major search engines. Whilst this used to be quite an intensive and time-consuming task, Advanced Web Ranking simplifies everything! We simple login to an account and go to ‘my ranking charts’ where we are presented with ajax-powered (pretty) graphs displaying our website rankings – moving up the search engine rankings higher each day.

A click of another button allows us to spy on the competition and see what keywords they are trying to rank for. Sometimes we discover they are trying to rank for the same keywords as one of our clients. We can now make an informed decision whether to keep trying to rank for these keywords or simply add and try some new ones. This search engine ranking software makes this process so easy to find profitable and easy to rank for keywords!

To make this job easier we use Advanced Link Manger.

With this tool, we can find all inbound links of the websites ranking in the top 5 on the search engines. We can then negotiate a link from the same websites and improve link building. We’re also able to keep track of the link popularity of our websites and blogs by finding all the inbound links to see what others are writing about our sites and what anchor texts they are using. The task of gathering all important information about inbound link prospects can be scheduled before the negotiation of trading links with them. Information such as page rank and age of the domain is gathered in the scheduled task during the night so when get in for our coffee, the reports are ready to analyze.

Save Money from the first use

Since SEO companies and next-door SEO gurus charge for their services but are using the same SEO software, having the Advanced Website Ranking SEO tools in your company-arsenal will let you promote your website on your own, cutting out the hefty charges of SEO companies.

Key Features

  • Search engine rankings when you need them
    Advanced Web Ranking provides the SEO tools you need to help effectively track and analyze your site ranking.
  • All the data you can handle
    We pride to be the most reliable SEO software in the world. And this is because we can provide you accurate and reliable data using best practices.
  • Reports, backups and updates automatically
    A reliable SEO software used by the best SEO consultants in the world needs to make report generation for your keyword rankings a breeze.
    Keyword Research Tools
    Advanced Web Ranking comes bundled with the most comprehensive and accurate Keyword Research Tools to make your research easier.
  • Data privacy, enhanced security and reliability
    All the data gathered from search engines is stored locally on you computer or server, assuring you that no one else has access to it.
  • Professional customer reports
    Using Advanced Web Ranking you can create stunning reports, which your clients will be delighted to read straight from their in-box.

Advanced Web Raking versions

Advanced Web Ranking is available in Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and the Server Edition starting at only only $99. Probably the best way to decide which one suits you best is to download the program and see the features you actually use. The SEO software market offer a wide variety of SEO tools and applications. But how do you pick the software that will really work for you? The only way to make the right choice is test SEO tools in practice. So download the 30-days trial for FREE and really put the program through a series of deployments, tests and trials.

Another advantage is the cross-platform compatibility running not only Windows but also Mac and Linux! As Mac users, it was a huge advantage for us, as usually rank-checking software is Windows-based.

The combination of Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager is ALL you need to make the right SEO decisions at the right moment.

So whether you run one blog or you own a SEO business with hundreds of websites, Advanced Web Ranking can handle the job.

Download the 30-day free trial from and see how Advanced Web Ranking can help your online presence!

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