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Gaoler’s Daughter – Band site

Official Site for Gaoler’s Daughter.

Born out of the ashes of several London-based bands, each member brings something fresh to the table.

John Sterry’s melodic vocals and surreal, biting lyrics, contrast with Mahoody’s reverb-washed guitar jangle. Ben’s dance-tinged grooves mix with Alfie’s cutting bass, weaving solid, hypnotizing counter melodies.

Gaoler’s Daugher, who have been around in various guises for sometime, have many social networking and media sites. Quite where to go to find out about their gigs and latest news etc. was very blurred.

The goal of the site was to create a cohesive site that brings all of the other social network sites and online information to one user-friendly place.

Disciplines used within this project:
• Web Design & Development
• Interactive Galleries
• Band Camp integration
• Streaming Media
• Social Networking Integration

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